Web Development

At Paphra, we do web designing and development, plus publishing, maintenance, online database management and structuring. Budgeting for all the expenses is done for any given type of web-site to be created. We do domain searches, domain registration, and we seek out the most affordable hosting services that will blow you away. Just get in touch with us for all your web solutions.

Electronics and Home appliances

Paphr Enterprises offers the best of the best in Electronics and home electrical appliances of all types. The Electronics offered are of high quality and last forever in all conditions. Products ranging from HQ bulbs, to HQ electrical cables and other appliances like extensions.


Under Educ, Paphra offers all sorts of education and revision options in the field of education. Past papers, notes for different subjects. SUbjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Biology and other science subjects are offered in great detail at Paphra.

Why us ...

Quality Web design and Development

The highest quality in the Market. Responsive to all the devices and highly customizable. Nice looking and well shaped for you and your customers. Come, lets usher you in the new online looks, and take your business to the next level.

Perfect Education Resources

Education options that change grades for all the students at both levels (O and A). Theoretical and Practical Subjects. Providing the perfect way to study ahead and get a second online class for all the students from all walks of life.